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A mish-mash of pot reviews

It’s that time again!

Here’s another mish-mash of some of the latest legal cannabis products we’ve tried at the oz.

BC Organic Apple Toffee

Simply Bare’s BC Organic Toffee is night and day what we were getting at the start of legalization.

Its smell was milder than expected, yet it’s sweet and light which matches its candy apple taste.

Vaping this bud produces nice clouds even at lower temperatures. A thick and heavy porcelain jar goes a long way in keeping the flower fresh.

The trim could have been better, with some leafy bits still attached. At 18.87% THC, the effect isn’t overpowering.

Here's a video review.

Summit 10

Summit 10 Lemonade Iced Tea from The Valens Company is lemony fresh, with a Nestea vibe.

It’s made with black tea, and only contains seven grams of sugar in each 355 ml bottle. Valens’ S?RSE Emulsion Technology really shines through in Summit, as there’s no cannabis taste or smell at all, and the onset is quick.

Summit 10 packs 10 mg of THC and less than one mg of CBD. This will be a great summer sipper.

Here's a video review.

Legend Chocolates

Chocolate used by Legend comes from renowned Canadian master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut.

They offer plain dark chocolate and milk chocolate, as well as flavourful varieties; raspberry, orange, candy cane crush. Each bite-sized 10-gram bar is infused with 10 mg of THC. It’s scored into four pieces (2.5 mg of THC each). There’s no hint of cannabis taste.

Legend’s offerings are some of the most affordable cannabis chocolates out there.

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream by Broken Coast is top shelf. My sinuses were seriously tingling from vaping the 22.2% THC Sativa-dominant proprietary cultivar. It put me in a creative space. The BC-grown bud is dank and dense.

I got four nice buds in my eighth, including two really pretty ones. The smell is bright, with hints of ... nostalgia. The dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene.

Ace Valley Gummies

Gummies by Ace Valley are an old-school flashback. Sweet and dense, they’re square shaped with Ace Valley’s logo embossed on one side. Each package includes two gummies.

There are three varieties available, grapefruit, blueberry lavender and raspberry. They have different THC to CBD amounts.

These gummies were more substantial than the variety of soft chews we’ve sampled lately. They lasted longer in the mouth and had a more satisfying bite.

Here's a video review.

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