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Cannabis review mashup

Here is a mish-mash of some of the latest legal cannabis products I’ve tried.

Deep Space is supposed to be “bold and mysterious.”

One has to wonder if the creators of the Deep Space cannabis drinks are from another planet — one where taste buds are oddly different. The cannabis drink is reminiscent of cough syrup, with strong notes of flat off-brand cola.

Described by Canopy Growth’s marketing team as “full flavoured,” the cannabis beverage packs 10 mg of THC in its 222 ml aluminum vessel. Deep Space retails for about $7 each and has 22 grams of sugar per cute little can.

While drinks are novel products — and some even taste good, such as Houseplant Grapefruit Sparkling Water — they are prohibitively expensive, especially when packing miniscule amounts of THC.

Those looking for better value and flexibility ought to try the VeryVell water soluble drops. They can turn any drink into an accurately dosed cannabis beverage, and they are great for making creative mocktails or adding to cheap sparkling water.

Redees by Redecan (variety)

Pre-rolls haven’t really enticed me.

I can roll half-decent joints, so they’ve never been a practical purchase. The ones I’ve bought were expensive and rolled solely as big baseball bats that flame up like a candle and often burn black.  

Then I heard about Redees and got intrigued. I bought a pack of lower-THC White Widow, discovering they are exactly what I’ve wanted from a pre-roll.

They’re fancy, rolled like thin cigarettes that you’d see fashionable old-timey ladies smoking. They burn evenly and the rolled up cardboard filter is designed just right.

I’ve since tried Cold Creek Kush and Outlaw; both are heavy-hitters in the THC department. The Outlaw have a notably nice spicy smell.  

It’s also worth mentioning the packaging. Redees are boxed conveniently with foil that keeps them generally fresh. 

Blueberry Seagal by Color

Just like food, cannabis is also enjoyed by the eyes and nose.

Indica-dominant Blueberry Seagal fires on all the senses: smell, looks and taste. The potent scent is like sticking your nose between a flowering cannabis plant and a ripe blueberry bush.

Its dense and crystalline buds are light green with deep-orange pistils.

The effect is a mellow body buzz with a nice mental blur.

Overall, Color Cannabis has been one of the most consistent licensed producers in the Canadian market, with Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, Mango Haze, and Ghost Train Haze. This offering fits right in with those mid-priced, high-quality products.

After trying so many strains, they can all blend together. But sometimes something unique comes available that stands out – this is one of them.

Shark Shock by Redecan

More and more people are talking about Redecan — and the growing recognition is deserved.

I picked up this high-CBD strain a while back and it sat around gathering dust. But recently in a great deal of pain, I found myself in a spot where I needed some CBD for relief.

Enter Shark Shock at about 3% THC and 8.25% CBD. The 1:3 ratio is nice, and always seems to find my sweet spot. It’s gentle on the mind and relaxed in the body. It really helps take the edge off of pain.

The bud itself is dense and sticky, with stringy orange pistils. This is a pairing of White Widow and Skunk No. 1. It has a spicy aroma, with a bit of a sour apple taste.

It’s overall good, but I did get pretty badly shorted on my order.

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