Putting work before health

More than half of working British Columbians admit putting their career ahead of their health and family, a new poll by Research Co. reveals.

The online survey of more than 600 respondents found 53% of employed British Columbians say their work is “definitely” (23%) or “probably” (30%) taking precedence over lifestyle.

One third (33%) claim to have a perfect work/life balance, while only 12% say their lifestyle takes precedence over work.

Almost half (47%) acknowledged having to stay late after work in the past six months, while about three-in-10 missed a family gathering or other leisure activity because of their job.

One-in-four (25%) had to take a work-related call while they with family or friends, while 24% had to work from home on a weekend or at night (21%).

“There is a staggering age gap when it comes to work getting in the way of the lifestyle of British Columbians,” says Research Co. president Mario Canseco. “While 44% of those aged 55 and over say they did not experience any off-work interruptions, the proportion drops to 26% for those aged 35-to-54 and just 15% for those aged 18-to-34.”

More than two-in-five (42%) say their work has put a strain on their relationships.

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