Happy birthday, mom

A Vernon teenager has got his mother a big present for her upcoming 50th birthday.

Beatrice Weir is the new owner of The Sprouted Fig restaurant at 3407 30th Avenue, after her son, David Scarlatescu, purchased it for her.

“It all started when I was 13, in 2011, and I came in here for the first time,” said Scarlatescu. “My mom said, 'this is one of my favourite places and if it ever comes up for sale I'm going to buy it'.”

Move the clock six years ahead and Scarlatescu, 19, bought The Sprouted Fig for his mom.

“It's my dream gift,” said Weir, who celebrates her birthday on Tuesday. She took possession of her present late last week.

Still only a teenager, Scarlatescu does not seem phased by the task ahead.

“She raised me with a lot of confidence so I never doubted I could be what I wanted to be.”

The two nutrionists plan to work together at the popular breakfast and lunch spot and use their knowledge to make the food as healthy as can be.

“I was raised by entire life around organic, homegrown food. I remember going to school with my sprouted veggie sandwiches and would sometimes end up trading with the other kids.”

They have already promised customers there won't be big changes to the menu.

“It's here to stay. If anything, we want to keep what we have here and do some add-ins,” said Scarlatescu.

Weir emphasized there will be a much stronger emphasis on buying local produce.

“We want people who order a sandwich to notice that it tastes that much better because ingredients come from local farms.”

The two also plan to add microgreens to their soups, salads and sandwiches.

“Microgreens are the in thing,” said Scarlatescu.

“They have a high concentration of vitamins,” said Weir.

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