Business News

Oil Above $50 US

Oct 3, 2004 / 7:34 am

The price of oil closed above $50 US a barrel for the first time Friday as supply concerns continued to grip world markets. On the New York Mercantile Exchange,...

Singer Sewing Takeover

Oct 2, 2004 / 9:52 am

KSIN Holdings Ltd., an affiliate of Kohlberg & Co. LLC., said Friday it has acquired the Singer Sewing Co. in a $65.5-million cash deal. The transaction, which...

Loonie Approaching 80 Cents

Sep 30, 2004 / 4:52 pm

The Canadian dollar continued its steady climb Thursday, pushing past 79 cents US with little resistance. The loonie closed at 79.26 cents US Thursday, up 0.51...

Loonie Hits 11 Year High

Sep 29, 2004 / 4:50 pm

The Canadian dollar ended the trading day Wednesday at its highest close against the U.S. greenback in more than 11 years. The loonie closed at 78.75 cents US...

QHR Lands Asian Deal

Sep 29, 2004 / 6:25 am

Kelowna based QHR Software Group Inc. and Optimed Software Corporation have entered into an Exclusive Marketing and Licensing Agreement with Logician...

Oil Hits $50 US Per Barrel

Sep 28, 2004 / 7:37 am

Oil prices have hit an all-time high. A barrel of crude oil now costs more than $50 US a barrel. The previous record was $49.40 US a barrel set August 20th. Oil...

Bigger Jets To Kelowna

Sep 27, 2004 / 3:26 pm

Kelowna’s International Airport, the gateway to Big White Ski Resort and Silver Star Mountain Resort, will see the much anticipated addition of jet service on...

Petro Can Shares Priced

Sep 27, 2004 / 6:00 am

The federal government will sell its shares in Petro Canada at $64.50 per share. The federal government had announced earlier that it will sell all its...

Record High Oil Close

Sep 26, 2004 / 11:37 am

Crude oil futures closed at $48.88 US a barrel Friday on the New York Mercantile Exchange – a record high close. The previous record for a close was $48.70 US...

BC Retail Sales Up In July

Sep 25, 2004 / 10:18 am

The BC economy continues to show strength. Retail sales in the province were robust in July, increasing 1.2% over June levels. BC was the only province to show...

On-Line Shopping Booming

Sep 23, 2004 / 1:48 pm

Canadian households spent just over $3.0 billion shopping on the Internet on everything from airplane tickets to books, according to the 2003 Household Internet...

New OSTEC Board

Sep 23, 2004 / 6:33 am

The Okanagan Science & Technology Council (OSTEC) held its 3rd Annual General Meeting at the Coast Capri Hotel on Tuesday September 21, 2004. Business conducted...

Loonie Hits 78 Cents

Sep 22, 2004 / 5:01 pm

The Canadian dollar briefly trading above the 78-cent US level Wednesday for the first time since mid-January as traders bet that Canadian interest rates would...

U.S. Rates Going Up

Sep 21, 2004 / 5:09 pm

The U.S. central bank, as expected, boosted its key interest rate on Tuesday for the third time in three months as it tries to move the U. S. economy off its...

BC Retail Sales Up

Sep 21, 2004 / 7:52 am

Retail sales advanced for a third consecutive month in July, up 0.5% to a record $28.9 billion. This followed increases of 0.3% in June and 0.6% in May. In...

Rogers Buys Fido

Sep 20, 2004 / 7:31 am

Rogers Wireless is buying Microcell Telecommunications, the operator of the popular Fido cellphone network. It""s a friendly takeover worth $1.4 billion. Rogers...

Inflation Cools, Loonie drops

Sep 18, 2004 / 8:49 am

The Canadian dollar tumbled almost half a cent on Friday after Statistics Canada reported the country""s annual inflation rate had fallen sharply to 1.9 per...

Feds Dump Petro Can Shares

Sep 17, 2004 / 1:03 pm

The federal government is selling its remaining 19 per cent stake in Petro-Canada - a move that will generate more than $3 billion for the federal treasury. The...

Price Index Down: 1.9%

Sep 17, 2004 / 7:00 am

In August, consumers paid 1.9% more than they did in August 2003 for the goods and services included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket, a slowdown from...

Orders Roll In For PSP

Sep 17, 2004 / 5:15 am

The orders keep rolling in for Pacific Safety Products (PSP) of Kelowna. Yesterday PSP announced that they had received an additional $1 million in new orders...