Business News

Food Bank Receives Donation

Apr 28, 2005 / 6:55 am

The Kelowna Food Bank will receive a $3,128.06 donation from the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families’ holiday fundraising program. Canadian Tire Associate...

Kelowna #5 In Housing Appreciation Values

Apr 27, 2005 / 6:29 am

RE/MAX -A Decade in Review Kelowna’s residential housing market maintained an even keel during the turbulent early part of the decade. It was not until 2001...

Bath Ring Danger

Apr 26, 2005 / 12:00 pm

Health Canada is reminding parents and caregivers that infants placed in bath seats or bath rings, which are emerged in any depth of water, must be constantly...

BC EI Collectors Down

Apr 26, 2005 / 7:56 am

The estimated number of Canadians (adjusted for seasonality) receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits in February was 525,080, up 0.8% from January and...

Low Wages Still A Reality

Apr 25, 2005 / 8:23 am

Statistics Canada Report Even though today""s workers are better educated and more experienced than their counterparts were in the early 1980s, their chances of...

Truckers Angry About Fuel

Apr 25, 2005 / 6:53 am

BC Teamsters Union Press Release A crowd of angry owner-operators of commercial trucks met in a Surrey hotel ballroom Sunday and pledged to stick together to...

Gas Prices Lift Inflation

Apr 24, 2005 / 11:45 am

Higher gasoline prices helped to push Canada""s annual inflation rate up to 2.3 per cent in March, Statistics Canada reported Friday. That was up two-tenths of...

Business Team Tops

Apr 23, 2005 / 8:07 am

OUC business students have again demonstrated their international-level calibre by placing second in their world at the 41st International Collegiate Business...

Bridges Adds New V.P.

Apr 21, 2005 / 8:41 am

Bridges Transitions Inc. (TSX: BIT), a leading provider of products and services used by schools to help students achieve education and career success, today...

G.M. Suffers Huge Losses

Apr 19, 2005 / 8:13 am

General Motors said Tuesday it lost $1.1 billion US in its first quarter, as the world""s biggest vehicle maker faced a sales drop of four per cent. The company...

Political Climate Affects Loonie

Apr 18, 2005 / 7:17 am

Economists agree that the value of the Canadian dollar has been eroded this month to some degree by the increased likelihood of a spring federal election. But...

Oil Prices Affect Growth

Apr 17, 2005 / 11:26 am

Financial officials from the world""s seven richest countries say "vigorous action" is needed to face the challenges of rising oil prices and volatility in...

New Container Port For Prince Rupert

Apr 16, 2005 / 7:58 am

The B.C. and federal governments are each chipping in $30 million for a $120-million expansion to the Prince Rupert container shipping terminal. The port...

Kelowna Airport Sets Record

Apr 15, 2005 / 5:37 am

Kelowna International Airport enjoyed a record-breaking first quarter with over a quarter million passengers passing through the terminal. The total number of...

Jetsgo In Court

Apr 14, 2005 / 6:30 am

Nine Canadian airport authorities have asked a Quebec judge to grant them the right to seize planes belonging to the bankrupt airline Jetsgo. Jetsgo owes at...

Bank Rate Unchanged

Apr 12, 2005 / 8:39 am

As expected, the Bank of Canada left its key interest rate unchanged at 2.50 per cent Tuesday, while again signalling that it will have to raise rates at some...

B C Broadband Expansion

Apr 10, 2005 / 8:42 am

As part of its plan to make B.C. the best educated, most literate jurisdiction on the continent and to take full advantage of infrastructure spending, the...

Nine Years For Spammer

Apr 9, 2005 / 1:31 pm

A man in North Carolina whom anti-spam organizations call one of the world""s 10 most prolific spammers has been sentenced to nine years in jail. But Jeremy...

Housing Starts Down In March

Apr 8, 2005 / 8:19 am

Kelowna area housing starts declined in March, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. March housing starts fell to 153 units from 171 units in...

OSTEC Innovation Winners

Apr 7, 2005 / 7:37 am

Innovative leaders in the science and technology community were recognized at the Second Annual Silicon Vineyard Innovation Awards Gala held Tuesday at the...