Truly terrifying: Janet Anderson

When I see Janet Anderson in rehearsal she gives me the creeps - and that is a compliment. Currently playing the iconic role of Mrs. Danvers in New Vintage Theatre’s upcoming play Rebecca, Janet has taken on one of the most terrifying roles in theatre and is crafting what promises to be one of the most outstanding performances of the theatre season.

Mrs. Danvers is a bitter maid whose primary goal is to chase the “new” Mrs. DeWinter away from Manderley - a huge estate in Cornwall, England. Her former lady Rebecca drowned mysteriously and she feels no-one can or should take her place so she sadistically sets about to drive the new younger and more innocent wife crazy, unaware that she herself is the maddest of them all.

In her real life Janet Anderson is an accomplished, driven actress and all-round supporter of all the arts and arts collaborations. A graduate of Humber College’s prestigious theatre program in Toronto, Janet has spent her entire life working in the theatre in some way - she just loves it that much. Her resume is a who’s who of the coolest places to “play” in Canada including: The Stratford and Blythe Festivals, Banff Centre and Puppetworks Theatre. She has also done the touring thing, including travelling to several International Children’s Festivals throughout Western Canada.

It was really her work at The Banff Centre that seems to be the highlight of her career, though. Not only did she meet her husband, Douglas MacLeod there, she also took Master Classes in Acting, was an integral part of the Opera Summer Festival and worked with most events that came to this artist enclave. Janet was there when the very first Banff Centre Media Innovations program launched, under Douglas’ leadership in virtual reality technology.


Locally Janet has worked with Festivals Kelowna, sat on several arts boards and has performed with Kelowna Actor’s Studio, Theatre Kelowna, Playhouse 25 and now New Vintage Theatre. She has also worked as a director, sound and lighting technician, costumer (although it wasn’t her bag) and as a stage manager.

Janet really has done it all including being a Mom to her talented kids, performance artist Amy and Jack, a recent high school grad who performed at Canada Day.

One of Janet’s lines as Mrs. Danvers is, “Do you believe the dead come back and haunt the living?”

Do yourself a favor and check out her chilling performance in Rebecca. You won’t forget it!


Running at Kelowna Community Theatre, October 3-5. Tickets are available at the door & at www.selectyourtickets.com $25-Adults/$20-Students/Seniors.

For more information on Rebecca check out www.newvintage.ca or call 778-214-1456.

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