What good is sitting alone in your room—join the Cabaret

Life is a cabaret

Life is beautiful.

In what has been another challenging year, it has been hard at times to remember life is just that. World events, the pandemic and the quick ramp-up back to “normal” has left me and a lot of people I know feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

Working on the play Cabaret has truly given me the opportunity to reflect on how lucky I am to have the opportunity to perform such a beautiful work of art with people I admire.

Cabaret is a musical about an unlikely love affair, set in underground Berlin. Based on the true story of author Christopher Isherwood’s time in pre-war Germany, circa 1931, we enter a seedy world of performers, parties and the desire for money in a time when it is very scarce.

Underneath the surface we discover the individuals all have their own frailties which are exploited so they can live out their dreams—whether it be as elaborate as being on stage every night or as basic as having a home to call their own.

What they all desire is love and this basic humanity is what ties together Cabaret in a way that is thrilling and heart-wrenching. Couple that with showstopping music with a live onstage band, Cabaret continues to captivate audiences more than 50 years after it first took to the stage, winning Tony awards and then Oscars for the film version starring Liza Minnelli.

It is truly one of the finest plays I have ever worked on and I hope people come out to this show. It will not only provide you with an incredible escape into another time and place, complete with iconic jazz classics, it will give you insight into what is truly beautiful and worth fighting for.

Don’t miss this classic starring Lyndsey Wong, Neville Bowman, Josh Richardson, DeAnna MacArthur, Michael Kalmuk, Kirsti Hack, Matt Gunn, Julie Masi, Damon Gregory, Kurt Werner, Larissa Stavrou, Kylie Cridland, Jessie Rivest, Lyndon Blacklaws and Jason Desautels.

Cabaret will open June 3 and run until June 12 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna. Tickets are available now at www.rotarycentreforthearts.com or at the box office.

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