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Wow! It is hot out there and this is when the tourists come to Kelowna to enjoy the sunshine, water sports, wine and great nightlife our fine city has to offer. There are a lot of reasons to mark your own calendars for the great plays happening here in July and August. Here are just some of the fantastic offerings on the roster this summer:


The Graduate - July 22-25, 7pm at The Black Box Theatre

Tickets at www.selectyourtickets.com; $20 in Advance, $30 at Door (cash only)

Presented by New Vintage Theatre

Speaking of hot, you can’t get any hotter than this comedy about recent university graduate Benjamin Braddock who ends up having an affair and then finding love, all while looking for himself. Based on the iconic movie, you will not forget Mrs. Robinson and this entire stellar cast in this play. For adults only, mature subject matter & nudity. Small theatre, so get your tickets early as this one will sell out fast!

Stars: Peter McLeod, Natasha Davis, Ashley Plomp, Brad Hull, Doug Brown, Leah McMullen and Graham Daley.


As The Sun Burns - July 25 (The Late Show) at 10pm and August 8 (Beach Party) at The Black Box Theatre

Presented by New Vintage Theatre

Tickets at www.selectyourtickets.com; $15 in Advance, $20 at Door (cash only)

Season Two of New Vintage Theatre’s live soap opera starts again this summer. Not only can you expect all of the racy and tawdry twists and turns of a soap opera but there are prizes, music and no end of fun in this improvised comedy in this beautiful air conditioned theatre. Shows sell out quickly in this small theatre so get your tickets!

Stars: Bonnie Gratz, Ashley Plomp, Cory Armour, Joe Otoo, Graham Daley, Brock Gratz, Dana Murphy, Sheila Campbell, Gloria Poulette, Reid Gratz, Roberto Molano, Kaitlyn Anutooshkin, James Szabo, Victoria Weaver, Adam Weaver, Tamara Ross and Kendra Hesketh. Guest Starring-Tamie Williams, Anna Jacyszn, Doug Brown and Matt Brown.


The Complete Wrks Of Wilm Shakespeare - July 15-25 at The Villa Estates Winery at The Vibrant Vine

Presented by Shakespeare Kelowna

Tickets at Kelowna Tickets, Orchard Park Mall or www.kelownatickets.com;$25-30

This tongue in cheek whirlwind of many of Shakespeares’most famous plays, condensed into one sitting, is irreverent, hilarious fun. Three men & many, many characters in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Stars: Thomas Fournier, Mark Reinelt and Colin DeBourcier


The Raft of The Medusa - July 24, 25, 31 and Aug. 1 at Kelowna Community Theatre

Tickets from www.selectyourtickets.com; $30

This new musical written and composed by local artists brings the famous French painting by Theodore Gericault about a nineteenth century naval disaster to the stage.

Stars: Neville Bowman, Jay Demerick and Ashlie Atkinson and a large cast of actors from throughout The Okanagan.


Catch Me If You Can - July 22-August 8 at Kelowna Actor’s Studio

Presented by Kelowna Actors’ Studio

Tickets at Kelowna Tickets, Orchard Park Mall; www.kelownatickets.com; $54-$109

Kelowna Actor’s Studio is a dinner theatre that is known for its lively musicals, this one is based on the famous movie about a teenager who impersonates a businessman, pilot and doctor all while leaving a trail of phony cheques throughout the United States.


So, make some time to check out the theatre this summer. It is a great activity that can be enjoyed by you and your many guests who come to visit and an air conditioned reprieve from the summer sun. Don’t be afraid to check out things a little farther afield, too, there is the wonderful Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong, Many Hats in Penticton and a great new summer festival happening in Salmon Arm called Theatre On The Edge.

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Bonnie Gratz is an actor, director, and playwright. She is the Artistic Director of Kelowna's New Vintage Theatre, and a member of the Playwright's Guild of Canada and The Literary and Dramaturges of North America. 

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