A perfect play - with pie!

Playwright Stewart Lemoine is known for his witty and inventive plays and it is always a thrill to work on them. This week New Vintage Theatre opens Lemoine’s award winning comedy, Pith!, the last show of our second season, playing at The Black Box Theatre this weekend only.

Directed by Arlene Irwin, Pith! is a play about a sailor, Mr. Jack Vail (played by John Van Dyk) who docks in Providence, Rhode Island and comes across a tearful woman - Miss Nancy Kimball (Angela Lavender) at a pie social. She reveals to him that she works for a beautiful, but troubled woman named Virginia Tilford (Ruby Bullock-Spitz) who has been tortured by the disappearance of her husband who was lost in the jungles of Ecuador on a silver expedition. The loyal employee has taken her mistress’ trouble as her own, explaining why she has a case of “the weepies” at the pie social. Overwhelmed by the caring of Miss Kimball and her overwrought despair, Vail vows to help the two women find the missing husband by taking them on an expedition of their own.

Lemoine’s style is very similar to that of Wes Anderson or The Coen Brothers; he is witty, smart and has so much fun but never compromises the characters to do so. The result is a touching and memorable play that sticks with you for life.

Arlene Irwin is no stranger to the stage, she has starred in many productions in her native Ireland and has been a fixture here in Kelowna for Kelowna Actor’s Studio and more recently New Vintage Theatre. Irwin also runs her own theatre company, Erinara with her partner Ray Mordan. Together they directed the wildly successful hockey comedy The Good Game last fall. You can also catch Arlene performing with Kitsch n’ Sync a girl band that is simply delightful, like this play.

As producer I have been privy to rehearsals and I can tell you audiences are in for a treat. The costumes have been designed by Robyn Flinn of Perch Vintage Clothing, lights and sound by Barbara Jagodics, there is a working Gramophone on stage and the performances are as beautiful as the actors themselves who are a treat to watch.

All audience members will also be able to have their own pre-show pie social as free pie will be served from 6:45-7:30 PM show time.

It is a sweet way to spend your weekend so don’t miss Pith!

Pith! runs from March 27-29 at 7:30 PM at The Black Box Theatre. Tickets are $20 in advance from www.selectyourtickets.com or at Prospera Place. Door tickets are $30 each (cash only).

For more information, check out www.newvintage.ca

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