Creekside Theatre: "A Christmas Carol"

There is a wonderful thing that happens when you put on a great play. The team of artists working together bond not just as friends, they mesh as artists and the talent that one brings to the work elevates and inspires others to do the same. This has been my experience working on so many projects with New Vintage Theatre and last night I felt that feeling again in the rehearsal hall with the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol.

This play is a profoundly unique one because its sentiment is universal. We all have families. Some of us are acutely aware of the financial and health concerns, like The Cratchits have for their children. Many of us have also longed to revisit our past like Scrooge and Marley - if only to have just one more minute of time with that loved one who now is just in our hearts instead of in our day to day lives. And very few of us have escaped the feeling that we are not taking the time necessary away from work for those that really truly manner in our lives.

As a cast we have all discussed our own most beautiful Christmas memory. Some memories were happy and some were very sad; others were silly. We discussed the bonds we formed from last year’s production. Then we talked about the comments I received last year at the door as people came to our show at The Laurel Packinghouse and what they said after they left. Families of all ages arrived; dressed up for a special holiday outing. Grandparents to grandchildren, all together it was beautiful. After the show people left hand in hand, and thanked us for putting them in the Christmas spirit.

My own family saw the play last year on opening night; two came all the way from Calgary.  My Grandma and my Aunt sat with my Mom, husband and sons. They loved it - my Grandma said it was her favorite play that I have ever done. Then there was the matinee when another special guest arrived - the show was about to start but in came a very infirm woman in a wheelchair, pushed by her daughter; the door held by a friend. That woman in the wheelchair was my Great Aunt Peggy Yewell who resides at the David Lloyd Jones Home. She is my Grandfather’s sister and is in her mid-90’s. I cried when she came, it was difficult for her and a real challenge for her daughter to get her there but what a lovely surprise and a solace to me after having lost my Grandfather just the Christmas before. Yes, this play last year was one of my very favorite Christmas presents.

There are very few times of the year when we can all gather together, young and old, rich and poor, sick and well, and share a common simple bond of humanity and love. That is what I witnessed last year and what I saw emerge in our run of the play last night. Whether you come out to Creekside Theatre on your own or with loved ones, I promise you will be included in our family for this classic Dickens Christmas tale.

Starring Ray Mordan as Scrooge, Colm O’reilly as Marley and Brad Hull as Cratchit; the play also features the tremendous talents of Aletha Currie, Ashley Plomp, Cory Armour, Joe Welton, Bailey Strand, Gillianne Richards, Terry Scott, Ruby Bullock-Spitz, Hailey Sabourin, Anika Hodgson, Evan Jackson and Klaya Stock.

A Christmas Carol runs at Creekside Theatre, Winfield from Dec.17-20, nightly at 7pm with a matinee on Dec.21 at 2pm. Some shows are close to being sold out, so get your tickets now by calling 250-766-9309. For more information about New Vintage check out our website at www.newvintage.ca

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