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I have been deliberately terrifying myself nightly for the last six weeks. The only way I have been able to remember a long forgotten - actually blocked - experience I had when I was a teenager has been through hypnosis. My name is Gabrielle and I am the only living witness to a crime that has still remained unsolved and next week, October 23-28, you will be able to hear my story at The Black Box Theatre.

All of the above is true. I am playing a character named Gabrielle in New Vintage Theatre's upcoming play, The Bone House by Marty Chan, and I have been hypnotized at our rehearsals by actor Brad Hull, who plays Eugene Crowley - a Mind Hunter, a profiler of serial killers. Gabrielle has very important information that can help Eugene solve his biggest case yet - but first he has to get her to reveal it. Jacob, played by actor Cory Armour, Crawley's assistant, has equal stakes in the quest, but has a decidedly different approach in his dealings with Gabrielle.

The production is directed by Matt Brown, who won the Theatre BC award for Best Director for his chilling production of The Woman In Black. Matt decided to take things to the next level for us and brought in a real hypnotist to take us deeper into our characters and understanding of the subconscious mind.

I hope audiences will take the opportunity to come and see this amazing play. If you are a fan of mysteries, scary movies or anything Hallowe'en I know you will find this play to be a once in a lifetime experience. It is not for little kids, but great for those of us who love great theatre and the rush of an amazing story. While I cannot speak for my own performance, I will say that Brad Hull has worked tirelessly to create the character of Eugene Crawley, even to the point of transforming himself beyond recognition. Cory Armour has real life experience with court cases as a Defence Attorney and he has used this high level understanding to translate this into the intriguing and nuanced character of Jacob. It has been a lot of fun being scared at every rehearsals with Matt, Brad, Cory and our amazing stage manager Liza Judd.

There is a second project that I have also been working on for next week, but this one definitely falls into the comedy category of theatre. Our monthly soap opera is up again on October 25 and this episode brings out all of the soap characters in their Hallowe'en "not so finery".

When we last left our story all of the characters were steps away from sharing in a massive fortune willed to them from Opal Anne Summerhill - that is until a baby was born that could be the sole heir. With a wedding on hold, dark secrets revealed and the parentage of the baby in question, the characters will make sure there are lots of "tricks" up their sleeves at the party. You won't want to miss this one which stars Frank Takacs, Joe Welton, Ashley Plomp, Dana Murphy, Sheila Campbell, Brock Gratz, Reid Gratz, Roberto Molano and guest stars The Juice's Joe Otoo.

Along with the soap episode, audience members will be able to trick or treat to our soap stars, get their photos taken in a photo booth and there will be a costume contest for great prizes including 2 VIP passes to our upcoming Kelowna Fan Xpo in March.

Come and celebrate Hallowe'en next week with me. I promise the "trick or treating" will be amazing and worth the trip out on a spooky fall evening.


The Bone House runs October 23-24; 26-28, nightly at 7:30pm. October 25 the show is at 7pm. The Black Box Theatre.

New Vintage's Halloween Soap Opera & Party is on October 25 at 9:30pm, doors open at 9pm. The Black Box Theatre.

Tickets for both shows are available at www.selectyourtickets.com or at the door (cash only).

For more info check out www.newvintage.ca or call 778-214-1456

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