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Sometimes weird conversations come out of rehearsal. A particularly bizarre discussion happened recently while rehearsing my latest play BINGO!-a hilarious offbeat comedy by Daniel MacIvor. The play is about three high school best friends who go to their 30th reunion party and encounter the two “it” girls from their graduating class –former enemies that are now best friends. What happens on that event filled night is unforgettable. The play is like a The Big Chill for those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s-filled with great music, nostalgia and has characters you may very well recognize from your own youth.

One of the stars I have had the great pleasure to work with on BINGO! is Kim Fournier. Kim plays “Boots”, a down to earth post office employee who has stayed in the same small city - Sydney, Nova Scotia - for her entire life. She has a bit of edge to her, may have been a groupie at one time and rides a Harley.

For Kim, establishing the character meant thinking about her costume-early. Usually costume discussions would come a bit later in the rehearsal process for me; after the actor had a chance to work on the character a bit, but Kim wanted to discuss this right off the top. This lead to one of my craziest notes I have ever written as a director.

“Let’s talk about your hotness, Kim Fournier.”

Actually the discussion was about her character “Boots” and whether or not she would wear three inch stiletto stripper boots or a more conservative height-like the great Red Wing Boots she talks about in the play, and what this might mean to her character.

In all seriousness, Kim is an esteemed actress in the Kelowna-some of her favorite roles include “M’Lynn” in Steel Magnolias, “Doris” in Same Time, Next Year and “Kate Jerome” in Brighton Beach Memoirs alongside her son, Thomas, who played the title role of “Eugene”. From Ontario and Quebec, Kim has lived in Kelowna for thirteen years with her husband Henri and her two children. Her first big stage moment was in grade five when she played Maria in her school’s production of The Sound of Music. Kim took a few years off when her kids were young but when they decided they wanted to perform she jumped right in. She says, “I was born a ham and the love for performing never disappears.”

Kim just loves the art form and her opinion about what is happening on the Kelowna theatre scene is a positive one.

“I love what I am seeing in Kelowna for theatre. There really is something for everyone here which is remarkable given the size of the community. I am particularly excited about the small groups that are emerging which have very distinct personalities and clear, artistic direction. Groups such as New Vintage Theatre and Erinara are to be commended for producing Canadian plays, promoting Canadian talents and view-points, which I think is very important and meaningful for our community - a breath of fresh air from fluffy and commercial American shows. Fred Skeleton is leading the way in producing edgy, thought-provoking production of Red. Then there's Bumbershoot Children's Theatre, Theatre Kelowna, Shakespeare Kelowna and Kelowna Actors Studio rounding out the mix. Something for everyone!”

You can come and check out the talented Kim Fournier’s hotness, boots and her other gorgeous and gifted cast mates - Troy Berg, Kendra Hesketh, Brad Hull and Colm O’Reilly - in BINGO!, running July 10-12 at The Black Box Theatre. Shows are at 7:30pm nightly, doors open at 6:45pm.

There will be an 80’s BINGO! for great prizes from sponsor Chances and other New Vintage Theatre surprises. Advance tickets, $20, are available from www.selectyourtickets.com or get them at the door, $25 (cash only). Our last show sold out a week in advance of opening so don’t delay-get your tickets for this fantastic Daniel MacIvor play.

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