This Black Cat Struts

Meow! This weekend is a big celebration for New Vintage Theatre Company as we launch our second season and feature the sultry, saucy and, yes, silly in our first cabaret, called Le Chat Noir, The Black Cat Cabaret.

The original Black Cat Cabaret was the first “modern” cabaret. Located in the arts based Montmarte area of Paris in the late 1800’s, the cabaret served as the underground entertainment venue-part variety show, part rowdy music hall and meeting place for the intellectuals and artists of the time. The cabaret was hosted by an eccentric emcee who would visit tables and mix with the patrons. The playwright August Strindberg, famed artist Picasso and the composer Debussy all were regulars. The poster for the Black Cat is iconic, by Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, and it is entirely possible you have seen this poster before.

The original Black Cat closed shortly after opening due to a fire, but has been the inspiration for many copies throughout Europe and North America; some of them operating today-most notably in London.

While our Black Cat features the cool and talented artists of Kelowna, not Paris, the inspiration for getting people together and sharing ideas, inspirations and having a rowdy time is definitely the same. Such notable performers as Arlene Irwin, Ray Mordan, Dorothy Dalba, Janet Anderson, Joe Welton, Graham Daley, Ruby Bullock, Aletha Currie, Tamara Ross and Elana Bizovie have all volunteered their talents to the evening, while up and comers like Jarred Meek, Dana Murphy, Joelle Neufeld, Bailey Strand, Ashley Lewicki, Hailey Sabourin, Anika Hodgson, Klaya Hodgson-Stock and Evan Jackson will be featured as well. There will also be a taste of Paris itself as we are graced with the French songbird Chloe Gravel, from Montreal, and the gifted Danielle Miller; a duo you may have heard at their regular location, Pulp Fiction Coffeehouse where they their singing is as sweet as their lattes.

Patrons will also be the first to learn about New Vintage’s exciting new season and will have a bevy of incredible choices in an expansive silent auction with items ranging from tickets and photos to gourmand to legal services. There will also be door prizes for those who embrace the theme and dress in black, too.

It will be a feast of songs & scenes; with the first act more family friendly, geared towards the “kittens” in the crowd, and the second act a lot saucier for the older, cool cats, ages 16+ (language warning).

The Black Cat Cabaret runs Feb.21 &22 at 7:30pm in The Black Box Theatre. Tickets for this fun event are $20 and are still available at www.selectyourtickets.com or at the door for $25 (cash only). Wear black, come out and join us for an evening of raucous entertainment that will heat up your cool February weekend. Details at www.newvintage.ca or call 778-214-1456.

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