Behind the Wheel

Parking In Right Lane

Apr 9, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: When you are traveling on Gordon towards the tracks there are two lanes. Many times I have seen people parked along the right side of the road, often several...

Huge Tires Require What?

Apr 8, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I had thought vehicle fenders to be a useful item. Getting caught behind one of those macho vehicles, great huge tires on a rainy day with 90% of the rear...

Car Spewing Smoke

Apr 8, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: On a recent drive to Kelowna I had the pleasure of being overtaken by a vehicle spewing so much smoke that I could not see the road. The smoke was so bad...

Over Sized Tires

Apr 7, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: If possible can something be done about all the pickup trucks with over sized tires and lift kits. Is there not some rules under the motor vehicle act as to...

Stopping Intersections

Apr 6, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: My question is to ask: Why do so many drivers approach intersections with a stop sign or red light with the idea of "only stopping if they have to"?...

Passing On Shoulder

Apr 5, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: When a car is stopped on the highway and is signaling to turn left, is it legal for traffic to pass that car on the right side shoulder. A: A vehicle may not...

Usage Of Marked Gasoline

Apr 4, 2005 / 3:18 pm

Q: What are the regulations regarding marked gasoline. I thought that it was okay to use marked gasoline in boats, snowmobiles, dirt bikes or quads, as long as...

Cutting Through Parking Lot

Apr 3, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I work in the Landmark towers and in order to get home I turn right onto Springfield facing south on Dayton. I frequently notice drivers deciding that it...

Pedestrian Crosswalk

Apr 2, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: When you are stopped at a crosswalk and the pedestrian(s) has proceeded across the oncoming lane and is still crossing your lane, is on coming traffic...

Flashing Headlights

Apr 1, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: Why is it illegal for drivers to warn other drivers using a flick of the headlights about radar traps etc but it""s not illegal for the radio to broadcast...

Left Turn On Red

Mar 31, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: (1) In Westbank, where the traffic flows one way in both directions, is it legal to make a left hand turn on a red light (i.e. you are in between the two one...

Smoking Your Tires

Mar 30, 2005 / 5:30 am

Shoulder Check

Mar 29, 2005 / 3:37 pm

Q: I was hurt in an MVA last year. My neck and back have been hurt. My traffic question is, if my neck and back hurt too much to do a shoulder check should I be...

Right Of Way

Mar 27, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I would still call into question who has the right of way in a right hand turn. If the vehicle is large and needs both lanes to make the turn, does this mean...

Nobody Obeys Speed Zones

Mar 26, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: Rick, what good does it do to have speed zones when only a handful of drivers obey them. Bring back photo radar. Most accidents on the west side are caused...

Customized Cars

Mar 25, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I have a customized car and wanted to shave the door handles. That is where the door handles are removed and a remote control is installed to pop the doors...

Specific Violations

Mar 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: From time to time we hear that the RCMP will be cracking down on specific violations in specific areas. Most recently a crackdown Hwy 97 in Westbank and...

Rules For Left Turn

Mar 23, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I would like to know when the rules changed regarding turning left or right from one street to the next. When turning left or right we are supposed to turn...

Placement Of Plates

Mar 22, 2005 / 1:27 pm

Q: The placement of the plate with the decal on a commercial vehicle(tractor trailer unit) is on the front plate. One of my employees read your letter and was...

Intersection Accident-Prone

Mar 21, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: It has always puzzled me why Kelowna has nine out of the ten most accident-prone intersections of the Okanagan, and yet there is nothing being done to fix...