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Detoxification through movement

Feb 23, 2012 / 5:00 am

Many people have the urge to undertake a cleanse or detoxification program as a means to kick-start a weight loss goal. The diet recommendations that accompany...

Chocolate milk:  recovery drink

Chocolate milk: recovery drink

Feb 9, 2012 / 5:00 am

Okay, first things first. I LOVE the taste of chocolate milk, it is delicious. That being said I have never confused it with being a particularly healthy or low...

Chiropractor’s role in rehabilitation

Jan 26, 2012 / 5:00 am

Although doctors of chiropractic treat acute injuries every day in practice with patients who hurt themselves in falls, car accidents and in sports, they are...

The 'facts' behind energy bracelets

The 'facts' behind energy bracelets

Jan 12, 2012 / 5:00 am

Recently a friend returned from a trip and brought me one of those energy/healing wrist bands as a gift, more so as a gag, since I had been questioning the...

Goal setting for the new year

Dec 29, 2011 / 5:00 am

This little lull between Christmas and New Years is often a time when people think about their goals for next year re: New Year’s resolutions. Whether...

Whiplash injuries: Part 2

Dec 15, 2011 / 5:00 am

Several weeks ago I introduced the topic of whiplash type injuries as one of the more common type of chief complaints that I see new patients for in my...

Core stability myths exposed

Core stability myths exposed

Nov 17, 2011 / 5:00 am

Years before becoming a chiropractor I worked as a kinesiologist (or Exercise Therapist as we were called at the time) at a large rehabilitation centre in...

Are MRI’s overused?

Are MRI’s overused?

Nov 3, 2011 / 5:00 am

If you happen to be a social media enthusiast (some might say addict) and a physical rehabilitation or health care practitioner, an interesting story may have...

Whiplash Injuries: Part 1

Oct 20, 2011 / 5:00 am

With this entry into my slowly growing column database we will start to dive into an area that I see on a daily basis in my practice. It does not mean however...

Ready to run

Ready to run

Oct 3, 2011 / 5:00 am

This coming weekend marks a significant holiday with Thanksgiving and for thousands upon thousands of runners and walkers in British Columbia, it means race day...

Concussions in Sport

Concussions in Sport

Sep 22, 2011 / 5:00 am

With the recent events surrounding Sidney Crosby’s lengthy recovery from his concussion injury, this very touchy subject is again in the headlines....

Your Neck and Computer

Sep 5, 2011 / 5:00 am

Ironically, as you are reading this column, I am contributing to the condition that is the topic of this column. In fairness however, the amount of time you...

Back to Basics

Aug 22, 2011 / 5:00 am

Hi there and welcome to Back to Basics. I am very excited to be able to contribute a regular column for Castanet.net. This space will be dedicated to health...

Injuries in running

Injuries in running

Jun 15, 2011 / 5:00 am

As a chiropractor in Kelowna, there is a tendency to see certain ailments or injuries more at a given time of year. For me personally, since I tend to treat a...