Decision Aug. 5 whether BCFC will have a season

BCFC decision in 4 weeks

A decision as to whether there will be a junior football season this year will be made in four weeks.

According to Okanagan Sun general manager Jay Christensen, the BC Football Conference has set Aug. 5 as its new "drop dead date."

"If by Aug. 5 they can't say yes, we're going to go ahead and have a season, then it will be over," said Christensen.

"They've been adjusting the schedule, and the last one we got starts the Sept. 19-20 weekend. It will be a six-game schedule, and the Canadian Bowl will be Dec. 5."

Whether the Sun could play without fans is something Christensen says the club's board is still discussing.

More importantly, he says is the conversation the team would have with its sponsors if a season is deemed possible.

"If the sponsors say as a business we can't afford to sponsor, or if there is nobody in the stands so why would we sponsor...if they are not there, there definitely won't be a season."

Christensen says the team is also exploring different ways to accommodate at least some fans by possibly roping off some sections of the Apple Bowl that would correspond with different entry points into the stadium.

If a season were to begin as scheduled, training camp would likely start at the end of August.


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