Lucky dog rescued from roof by Victoria firefighters

Dog rescued from rooftop

It was a bit of a twist on the classic tale of a cat being rescued from a tree by the fire department.

On Sunday, a Victoria fire crew showed up in the Oaklands area to save a dog stuck on a roof.

Believe it or not, the dog’s name is Lucky, said firefighter Jeffrey Cullen.

“It’s funny because we do do cats in trees,” Cullen said. “We did a cougar in a tree a couple of years ago and we do seagulls that get stuck in things.

“As long as we have fire apparatuses that aren’t at fire calls, we do pretty much anything on the public-assist side.”

Firefighters said in an Instagram post that they were happy to be “breaking the stereotypes” about just rescuing cats.

“These are the fun calls!” the post said.

The Victoria Fire Department was called “for an animal in distress on a residential rooftop” early Sunday afternoon, and responded with a ladder truck.

It appears the dog had managed to climb out an open window at the peak of the roof and wasn’t able to get back in, Cullen said.

The ladder has a basket attached, which was used to pluck Lucky to safety.

“We kind of got a kick out of the fact that the dog was obviously very stressed out and timid when we arrived, but as the ladder went up and made its way toward the edge of the roof, Lucky started wagging his tail and he seemed to know exactly that the program was,” Cullen said.

“He made his way right to the edge and without hesitation jumped straight into the basket.”

Lucky turned out be a “kind, non-aggressive dog” and seemed very relieved to be back on solid ground, Cullen said.

He said firefighters were glad “to turn his day around.”

“He was very pleased to see us.”

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