B.C. wildfire says over 2 million hectares burned across the province

2 million hectares burned

B.C.'s worst fire season on record has now surpassed 2 million hectares burned.

According to BC Wildfire, exactly 2,178,491 hectares have burned across the province.

"To date this season, we have had 2070 wildfires, and right now there are 440 active wildfires across the province," said Nic Kokolski, provincial wildfire information officer.

"We are definitely seeing the highest numbers... in comparison to the seasonal average from the last 10 years, we are definitely seeing significantly higher numbers," he added.

BC Wildfire says the majority of hectares burned have been in the Prince George Fire Centre.

"The total right now is 1,715,578 hectares. For the Kamloops Fire Centre, we are showing a total of 191,731 hectares burned this season," Kokolski added.

Wildfire season totals are calculated from April 1 until until March 31 the following year.

Kokolski says seasonal temperatures forecast for the month of September should help with the firefight.

"We are seeing a downward trend in temperatures, which is definitely helpful, but we are not seeing any forecasted rain for the foreseeable future, and that remains a concern for us as we do need significant rainfall."

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