Brazilian billionaire's superyacht pays a visit to Victoria's Inner Harbour

Superyacht pays a visit

The visiting Anawa certainly puts the “super” in superyacht.

The 203-foot-long vessel dwarfed most of the other vessels in Victoria Harbour on Tuesday. The MV Coho is larger at 341 feet, but it doesn’t have the same swag — the Anawa carries its own helicopter on deck.

Anawa was custom-designed and built in 2020 by Damen Yachting. It’s one of the company’s SeaXplorer class of vessels, billed as “long-range, luxury expedition” yachts.

It can carry 12 guests and 15 crew plus a captain, Damen said.

It’s owned by Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, according to superfanyacht.com. Forbes.com says the investor-philanthropist lives in Switzerland and is worth $14.8 billion.

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