New technology that kills 99.99% of airborne diseases being tested B.C. Interior

New tech kills diseases

Leaders from Interior Health, Kelowna General Hospital Foundation, UBC Okanagan and St. Paul’s Hospital are now using and testing a new technology, proven to eradicate 99.99% of airborne diseases.

The technology developed partly at UBCO is called C-POLAR, and it uses a positively charged surface to capture and kill viruses and bacteria to prevent them from spreading. C-POLAR has a range of applications, from ventilation and personal protection equipment to room furnishings and medical equipment.

“The C-POLAR experience in B.C. has been a demonstration of how ethical, effective and innovative partnerships can come together and mobilize to seek solutions, as well as test those solutions in real-world settings,” said Dr. Dee Taylor, corporate director of research at Interior Health.

The technology is now being used in hospitals around the world and is creating a healthier and safer environment for workers and patients.

“B.C. is home to outstanding health and life science skills and expertise. Unfortunately, that expertise is not always translated into value within the health system,” said Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, associate professor at St. Paul's Hospital/UBC.

“The collaboration between C-POLAR, UBC, and Interior Health is an exciting model for facilitating global partnerships to unlock this value.”

The partners are currently testing and optimizing C-POLAR applications within B.C. hospital settings to address infection control by reducing viral and bacterial loads. The testing is now being spearheaded by Interior Health, and the collaboration is possible because of an initial grant from the KGH Foundation.

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