Saskatchewan First Nation says B.C. willing to keep talking to resolve concerns

BC, Sask. to keep talking

Leaders of Saskatchewan's Key First Nation say they held a "productive discussion" with senior officials from British Columbia and have agreed to keep talking about critical outstanding issues.

The First Nation released a statement one day after a news conference in Vancouver that outlined its first steps to control its own child welfare services.

Vancouver was selected because the First Nation is still waiting for answers from B.C. about 13-year-old Noelle O'Soup, a Key First Nation member who disappeared from a B.C. group home and was found dead a year later.

The statement says the Key First Nation chief and council met with Attorney General Niki Sharma and Children and Family Development Minister Mitzi Dean and all sides agreed to continue work toward a joint strategy to address important issues.

Chief Clinton Key says he and council are "cautiously optimistic" about talks with the province.

He says the nation remains dedicated to protecting its children and hopes B.C. will work with it "in a good way" to achieve meaningful action on child welfare reform.

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