Premier David Eby says U.S. clean energy incentives bring 'challenge' to B.C.

Eby visits Washington State

British Columbia Premier David Eby made his first international trip as the province's leader Monday, visiting Washington state to talk about shared priorities and clean technology.

Eby says topics of conversation with political leaders there included opportunities to grow the clean economy, high-speed rail, housing, salmon, mental health and addictions.

As part of his visit, the premier hosted a roundtable with Washington businesses and clean technology companies to talk about investing in the province, which he called "open for business and open and keen on partnerships."

He says U.S. legislation signed into law by President Joe Biden last year, which offers about $375 billion in new and extended tax credits to help the American clean energy industry, brings a "challenge" to B.C. and requires the province to be better.

Eby says he'll be keeping an eye on the approaching federal budget and that Canada needs to be aware of American actions and look at how to remain competitive in the clean energy field.

With strong federal support and provincial incentives, Eby says their work will make a formidable competitor for American business around clean energy.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says decarbonation of the global economy means rapid job growth on both sides of the border. 

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