This Vancouver living room with a hide-a-bed is for rent for over $1,000 a month

$1,100 for the living room

With the struggle for many to find affordable places to live in B.C. continuing, more unusual rentals are popping up online.

In one case, someone in Vancouver's West End has decided their apartment living room could be used for sleeping as well.

"This is a living room, not a private room!" states the ad on Facebook Marketplace.

In photos of the space, a hide-a-bed has been unfolded in the middle of the living room for the new roommate, as the apartment's one bedroom is occupied.

"I’m looking for a really easygoing person that will keep things quiet, that cleans after herself and is respectful," explains the person who posted the ad, noting that only female applicants should apply.

While the ad initially states the room is $999 per month, in the text of the ad the monthly rental rate has been bumped up to $1,100 per month.

The apartment is apparently in a "prestigious location" according to the ad, which doesn't expand on what makes it prestigious.

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