Abbotsford police investigating incident after cop caught on camera punching man

Cop punches man on cam

WARNING: Video contains language that may not be appropriate for everyone.

Abbotsford police say they are investigating an incident after an officer was caught on video punching a man twice.

The incident occurred following an Offspring concert in the city Saturday night.

The video shows two officers attempting to arrest a man when one of the officers punches the man in the face twice sending him to the ground on the street.

In an news release issued Monday, police in Abbotsford say officers were dealing with a member of the public after the concert when the subject of the video began to interfere.

"During this time, the man ignored police direction to disengage, but he continued," the news release stated.

"As a result of the man's actions, police advised him that he was under arrest for obstruction.

"During the arrest, the man continued to be non-compliant, resulting in the officer using force on him, striking him twice in the face before taking him into custody and placing him in handcuffs."

Police says the use of force incident is under investigation internally. The Office of the Public Complaint Commissioner has also been contacted.

"AbbyPD is committed to obtaining all information which led to the use of force in this incident."

They are not commenting further as the incident is under investigation.

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