BC Fire/Rescue group reminding public to call 911 and help if they can when coming across vehicle crash scenes

Do the right thing at a crash

A crash this weekend in Kootenay-Boundary has local fire and rescue crews reminding the public to do what they can to help when they come across a lone vehicle incident.

On Saturday, Midway Fire and Rescue crews along with BC Ambulance and RCMP were dispatched to a location on Christian Valley Road, east of Beaverdell.

A vehicle had rolled over into the ditch, and while it was fortunate they were relatively uninjured, they were trapped.

"They reported that two different vehicles had driven by them, while they were trapped in the vehicle, and didn't stop," Midway Fire/Rescue wrote on social media.

"[That] shocked me."

Two volunteer fire fighters from Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department and Willowbrook Volunteer Fire Department happened to be nearby and hastened to help, using an axe to cut out the windshield and help the two occupants to safety.

More people showed up and were able to put the vehicle back on its wheels and remove it from the road so as not to interfere with traffic.

"As firefighters and other emergency responders it is in our nature to stop and try to assist when we see a problem. I understand that many people may hesitate and could be unsure of what to do when they come upon an accident, it may not be something they are ready to deal with because they don't have the training," Midway wrote.

"I hope that the people that did drive by tried calling 911 to have the responders come and check it out."

The sooner that emergency crews are advised of an incident, the faster they can get there to help. Midway Fire/Rescue hopes no one will drive past an incident without checking it out in person — only if they are comfortable to do so — and at least calling 911.

"Everybody has their own comfort level when coming upon these types of situations. Thinking about what you could possibly do before being presented with the situation could help some people decide what they would do."

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