Rainfall after drought means you should be cautious on the road

Be cautious on the road

BCAA is encouraging drivers to use caution on the roads this week with rainfall expected across the province after 100 days of drought.

BCAA says debris that would normally be washed away has been collecting on roads since the dry spell started.

Dead sticks, leaves, construction materials, fluids from vehicles can all be churned up with the sudden rainfall. This creates a slick surface on the road and could potentially cause flat tires and damage to vehicles.

According to BCAA, they’ve already experienced a rise in calls for flat tires.

BCAA says you should:

- Pay attention to debris on the road, be extra cautious in areas where there are lots of trees near the road or where construction is happening

- Check your tire pressure often, do walk-arounds regularly to check each tire using a tire gauge

- Listen for any problems, noises that indicate something is lodged in your tires

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