First use of helicopter hoist helps Coquitlam SAR rescue injured hiker

Hiker hoisted to safety

Coquitlam Search and Rescue was able to use a key piece of equipment for the first time to rescue an injured hiker near Widgeon Falls.

A woman was taken to hospital after sustaining a serious lower limb injury after falling at the site about noon on Saturday.

In a social media post, Coquitlam SAR said its team used a helicopter hoist to bring the hiker to safety as the spot where the victim was found was deemed impossible to access.

As a result, local volunteers had to be lowered by a cable to the victim, "were winched" into the location and hoisted back up by way of three rescue techs in a Talon Helicopter AS365N2 Dauphin.

"Once on scene, it was evident she had a severe knee injury, sustained after a fall at that site," a Coquitlam SAR statement reads about the "landmark" event for the 50-year organization.

"The subject's knee was immobilized with a vacuum splint, she was winched into the helicopter, and flown to rendezvous with BC Ambulance."

Widgeon Falls is about 20 km northeast of Coquitlam.













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