Amazing mom leads SPCA officer to newborn puppies

Mom helps rescue puppies

The BC SPCA is celebrating a heart-warming rescue of a mother dog and her nine newborn puppies.

The Chilliwack SPCA rescued the dog which was found fending for herself on a property near Agassiz, B.C. What they didn’t know right away was that the dog, Dallas, had just recently given birth.

“Dallas had been left to fend for herself on a property near Agassiz when she gave birth,” says Eileen Drever, senior officer for protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA.

“We received a call about a dog who appeared to have been abandoned and when one of our animal protection officers responded to the call, she was immediately met at the edge of the property by Dallas, a four-year-old, pit bull cross, who showed obvious signs of having just given birth."

Dallas’ nine newborn puppies urgently needed help, so new mom Dallas teamed up with the BC SPCA animal protection officer to get them to safety.

“She came right up to our officer and led her into the thick brush,” says Drever.

Dallas led the officer 500 feet through the dense brush until she stopped at a bush and waited. Under the bush, the officer discovered a den that Dallas had created for her puppies.

“Huddling in the den were nine, two-week-old puppies,” says Drever. “Our officer placed the puppies into a small crate and hiked back out to the road, with Dallas eagerly following. Dallas and her nine puppies were then placed together in a larger crate and transported to the BC SPCA in Chilliwack.

“We would never have found these puppies if Dallas hadn’t led us there,” says Drever. “She is an amazing mom who knew her puppies needed help.”

The BC SPCA then contacted the owner and it was determined that Dallas had been roaming freely on his property. The owner believed the dog was the victim of predators because she disappeared and hadn’t been seen in a while.

The BC SPCA says the owner agreed he could not provide Dallas and her puppies with the care they required and then chose to surrender.

The mom and her puppies received a clean bill of health after being checked out by a veterinarian. “Mom is underweight and will be on a feeding program to safely increase her calorie intake to bring her weight back to normal. The puppies are healthy and mom and her litter are now being cared for in a foster home,” says Drever.

“Dallas is a very friendly, remarkable dog who will be available for adoption once her puppies are ready to leave her and she has been spayed,” says Drever. “The puppies will be available for adoption in approximately six to seven weeks.” Watch for updates at spca.bc.ca/adopt.

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