Family of man stabbed to death on Richmond bus begs for answers

No justice after stabbing

The family of a murdered man is still looking for answers, almost three years after he got into an argument on a Richmond transit bus before being brutally stabbed to death in broad daylight.

Allain LeBreton’s suspected killer, a 22-year-old man, was arrested on that dark day, July 23, 2019 at the scene - a bus stop outside the Domo gas station near No. 3 and Cambie roads.

Shortly after LeBreton’s death, homicide investigators from IHIT sent a file to the BC Prosecution Service (the Crown).

But despite there appearing to be multiple witnesses on the bus, no charges were ever approved by the Crown.

Indeed, the Richmond News reported shortly after the fatal stabbing that a key witness had come forward.

In a statement sent to the News, however, a spokesperson for the Crown said the “standard” of evidence was not met for the charges to be approved and that LeBreton’s family has been notified, through counsel, in November 2019.

File has been closed on LeBreton's death

IHIT confirmed to the News this week that the file on the death of 42-year-old LeBreton has been closed.

All of this was news to LeBreton’s sister, Nancy, who can’t wrap her head around how her brother’s killer can walk free after apparently stabbing him multiple times in front of other passengers.

“What standard? My brother was stabbed multiple times. There were witnesses on the bus. What do you need?” said Nancy.

“People called 9-11 to say someone was being stabbed. And there was a video on social media of the argument.

“Our counsel said he was told (by Crown) that my brother could have been the instigator. So he deserved to be stabbed to death?

“And never at any time were we told that there would be no charges laid. None of it makes any sense. Allain was just on his way to Tim Hortons.

“There are missing pieces here that we are not being told about and we’re all still going through hell thinking about it.”

Mom calls police every year and on birthdays

Nancy said her 80-year-old mother calls IHIT on every anniversary of her son’s death and on his birthday, asking if there has been any developments.

“My brother never carried any weapons and was not under the influence of anything,” added Nancy.

“This senseless murder ripped our family apart. We need to know why it happened.

“We need answers; we need to tell this person all the hurt our heart carries.”

In its statement to the News, the Crown pointed to two matters that needed to be considered before approval of the charge.

One being whether there was a substantial likelihood of conviction; and, if so, whether the public interest required a prosecution.

Still, none of what she has heard this week makes any sense at all to LeBreton’s sister.

“I’m not mad at that person (the killer). I don’t hate him. I just want him to know how hurt we all are,’ she said.

“My brother’s life seems to mean nothing. I’m physically sick out of this.

“If it is all over, if the case is truly closed, we need something written down, explaining why it is over.”

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