Prince George man jailed for 'stinger' grenade and illegally modified rifle

Jailed for 'stinger' grenade

A Prince George man was sentenced Monday to a three-year jail term for possessing a "stinger" grenade and an illegally modified rifle.

Less credit for time served prior to sentencing, Keith Christopher Lundy, 43, will have 334 days left on the term and it will be concurrent to a federal sentence he is serving for drug offences. Lundy had 650 days left on that sentence as of Monday.

On the weapons counts, Lundy was arrested on Oct. 19, 2020, when a Prince George RCMP officer noticed him driving a vehicle associated to Harjinder Berar - both Lundy and Berar are well known to the police and courts.

When the officer activated his emergency lights, the vehicle sped away but, while deciding whether it was safe to pursue, he saw it turn into the parking lot of a convenience store, so the officer pulled in behind.

Lundy got out but was ordered to get back inside. Lundy complied but, in doing so, he threw a black bag into the back seat.

The officer arrested Lundy on a count of obstruction and failing to stop. It also turned out Lundy had been prohibited from driving at the time.

A search of the vehicle uncovered a "stinger" grenade. Considered non-lethal and is filled with small rubber balls "designed to incapacitate a number of hostiles without causing death or serious injury," according to the Deadliest Warrior wiki. The officer also found a loaded and illegally modified .22-calibre rifle with what turned out to be Lundy's fingerprint on the grip end.

Lundy later pleaded guilty to two weapons-related counts from the incident, which occurred prior to the one for which Lundy is currently serving time for the drug offences.

Lundy was also issued a lifetime firearms prohibition.

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