Blockade stops Vancouver anti-vaccine mandate convoy

Convoy blocked by bikes

Vancouver locals have organized a counter blockade to prevent an anti-vaccine mandate convoy from entering the downtown core and blocking access to hospitals.

The counter blockade is aimed at disrupting the "Stand United 'The Media is the Virus' Convoy/CTV Rally." The rally's supporters planned to make their way into the city to arrive at the CTV Vancouver headquarters on Robson St.

Notably, the route takes the convoy past St. Paul’s Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, and Vancouver General Hospital.

The idea for the pedestrian and bicycle counter blockade came about on social media earlier this week where a plan was formed to meet at Jonathan Rogers Park at Kingsway and Broadway. From there participants would attempt to force the convoy down Main St. to downtown, thereby limiting the convoy's impact on VGH and St. Paul's.

"Show the convoy that there are lots of people in the city who will loudly oppose them and their message," was another of the stated goals for the counter blockade.

Participants of the counter blockade were encouraged to take photos, make signs bearing positive messages such as "Get Vaxxed", and wear face masks as well as hearing protection.

As a result of the counter protester's efforts, all westbound traffic on Terminal is now stopped according to the Vancouver Police Department. VPD officers are on the ground and working to resolve the conflict.

This is a developing story, more details are to follow.

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