Video details Western Canada's abandoned ski resorts

Abandoned ski resorts of BC

The consolidation of the ski industry in North America has seen a handful of large companies buy up dozens of resorts

While the issue has just started attracting attention in the past few years — both SilverStar and Whistler Blackcomb are now owned by American giants — the trend is decades old. Smaller, family-owned and operated ski hills used to be common but are an increasingly rare breed.

Dozens of now abandoned ski resorts dot Western Canada.

YouTube channel Skier72 recently published a video taking viewers through these smaller hills from a fading era of skiing.

Abandoned and lost resorts on the list include West Kelowna’s Crystal Mountain, now under new ownership that is trying to relaunch the hill as Bull Mountain.

There was also the Lac Le Jeune Ski Ranch, which operated from 1947 to 1992, as well as hills that operated in Princeton, Sparwood, Nelson, 100 Mile House, Tillicum Valley, Lytton and more.

Tabor Mountain outside Prince George is working to reopen after a fire destroyed its day lodge in 2018. The YouTube video also details abandoned resorts in Alberta and Manitoba.

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