Castanet asks residents if they support gyms staying open against public health orders

Should gyms still be open?

Before Christmas, the provincial government announced new public health measures requiring fitness facilities to once again close in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Some gyms in the Interior have refused to close, citing the importance of exercise to mental health.

Interior Health has sent warning letters and issued some fines but a number of gyms are still open.

Castanet took to the streets asking residents if they support the gyms remaining open against public health orders.

“I totally support them staying open, it's good for the public, it’s good for the individuals,” one man told Castanet.

“The way that things are going on right now, it’s good for people to relieve their stress that way and get in shape and feel better about themselves.”

Some said they didn’t think gyms should have been closed in the first place.

“I think it's kind of silly that they're closing the gyms,” said another.

“It should be up to the gyms to keep health and safety standards up to par.”

Another said she is still going to the gym despite the new restrictions.

“I personally go to the gym. I know that my gym is open, but we are being very sanitary and cautious of others awareness and we are wearing masks,” she said.

Others said decisions about closures should be left to the experts.

“I think that if the health regulations say they should be closed then I think they should be closed,” a woman said.

The new public health orders are to remain in place until Jan. 18 at the earliest.

Interior Health said it will be taking further steps against gyms refusing to close, including potential closure orders.

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