Authorities 'aware' of trucker's dangerous pass caught on video

Trucker's dangerous pass

Authorities say they are looking into a video posted on social media this week showing a dangerous pass by a transport truck on Highway 5A.

The winding two-lane road between Princeton and Aspen Grove has been receiving an unprecedented amount of commercial traffic due to the closure of the Coquihalla.

Highway 3 has been closed intermittently east of Princeton due to flooding, making it the only commercial route between the Lower Mainland and Interior.

A video circulating online showing a transport truck passing another truck on a double solid coming out of a corner has prompted outrage on social media.

BC Highway Patrol responded to the video on Twitter and said officers in the area “have been advised.”

“The words dangerous and unprofessional come to mind. Please don't sacrifice safety for speed — we get the pressures you are under,” BCHP said, adding the province can’t afford more long highway closures due to crashes.

The Highway 3 corridor has already seen multiple fatal crashes involving transport trucks since the route was reopened after the floods.

The B.C. Ministry of Transportation also responded to the video on Twitter, stating Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement “is aware.”

“Their staff will be following up with the carrier involved,” Transportation B.C. said.

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