What to know before you go on the Duffey Lake Road

Guide to Duffey Lake Road

In light of the recent flooding and mudslides that have devastated parts of B.C., the Sea to Sky RCMP wants drivers to know what to expect when travelling on the Duffey Lake Road portion of Highway 99, between Pemberton and Lillooet.

In a release Friday, Nov. 26, police said there have been “many changes to the highway systems within British Columbia and particularly to the Duffey Road Mountain Pass of Highway 99” in the last week. Multiple agencies have been working “24/7” to clear the road, keep it safe and maintained, and identify issues for the public to know when they come to the area, police said, including:

  • The need for winter tires on Highway 99. Once you hit Lions Bay coming from Vancouver, you are required to have winter tires.
  • Your loads on your vehicles need to be secured either in trucks, trailers, or on your vehicles.
  • Please ensure your vehicle has the capacity to tow your trailers and that the trailers are in working conditions for winter driving.
  • There is restricted commercial traffic on Highway 99.
  • There is no cell service on the Duffey between Pemberton and Lillooet.
  • Due to communication limitations, it can take emergency vehicles some time to get to you.
  • Please pack supplies in your vehicle such as extra clothing, food, etc. in case you are stuck in the area.
  • Leisure hiking and travel in the area is not allowed at this stage and this includes access to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.
  • Coming over the Duffey towards Pemberton at the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park section, the downgrade is steep and police have found vehicle brakes overheating and drivers needing to change to lower gear.
  • At times there may be closures on Highway 99 or long delays, so check drivebc.ca prior to travelling.
  • There are limited services from Whistler to Lillooet in the later evening and overnight hours and this includes fuelling stations. There are still current restrictions of 30 litres of gasoline for fuelling on the Pemberton side of the Duffey.
  • Please do not call the Pemberton or Lillooet RCMP for travel restrictions, but refer to gov.bc.ca/gov/content/natural-disaster/support/restrictions.

Currently only essential travel is permitted through the area. Road checks are in place on the Duffey portion of Highway 99 and drivers will be turned back if their travel is not deemed essential.

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