Annual migration sees snow geese return to BC Lower Mainland

Snow geese return to BC

Despite thousands of migrating snow geese making their annual visit to Richmond twice a year, it's still a sight that makes people stop for a moment.

In a video, posted on Reddit by user danneeooh, the snow geese can be seen grazing on the grass at Terra Nova Neighbourhood School Park.

"Sooo...this is where the party is at," said the Reddit user.

Other Reddit users commented snow geese were also spotted at various other fields in the city.

Snow geese visit Richmond in the winter and early spring, but like every year, they are decimating the city's sports fields.

According to the City of Richmond, the 2020-21 season has been one of the worst so far for damage to sports fields due to the annual migration.

The city estimated that about 180,000 snow geese called Richmond home last winter, which is more than double three years ago.

As opposed to Canada geese, which generally just eat the blades of grass, their white counterparts also dig up the roots, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

The snow geese come all the way from Siberia to spend a couple of months in southern B.C and Washington state, usually on their way to California.

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