Orcas make near-shore visit to Downtown Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay

Orcas stop by to say hello

It seems some orca are checking out the shoreline around Metro Vancouver this weekend.

Two videos caught the huge dolphins checking out where the people live this weekend. In one video posted by Jason King on Facebook, a pair are spotted swimming around the boats in Horseshoe Bay. As they swim through they send up some spray, much to the delight of the humans nearby.

"It bumped the boat," exclaims one.

A dog sounds much less impressed.

Just last month, the little town north of Vancouver was visited by a pair of humpback whales.

Meanwhile in Vancouver's Coal Harbour, a pair of orcas were recently spotted in the rain, visiting the sea plane dock.

They swim just a couple of feet away from the dock and pop up to see what's going on topside.

It's unclear if it's the same pair.

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