Humpback whales spotted in the waters of Horseshoe Bay

Whales spotted from ferry

BC Ferry passengers were treated to a beautiful sight this morning, two humpback whales enjoying the sunshine at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

Michael Coyle was able to get the two, possibly three, whales on video as the ferry stopped to let passengers enjoy the sight. The largest whales to frequent the Salish Sea, humpbacks range from 22,000 to 36,000 kg, feeding mostly in northern British Columbia during the summer months and spend their winters in Hawaii (lucky). Some humpback whales spotted in southern BC have been re-sighted as far south as Mexico.

Lately, marine mammals have made a significant resurgence with some researchers calling it the “humpback comeback.” Since a humpback was first documented in the Salish Sea in 1997, just over 500 whales have been recorded feeding and frolicking in the nutrient-rich waters here from April to October.

Their long road back from near extinction has observers optimistic; they say the humpbacks have developed an affinity for the Salish Sea as a key summer location in their migration cycle to bring their young and to feed.

– with files from Darron Kloster / Times Colonist

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