Well-known Courtenay goat slips the farm again, visits big box stores

This goat's a baaad boy

Billy the Goat likes to go shopping.

He was seen checking out the specials inside the Courtenay Walmart, and apparently went looking for something to wear — or more likely eat — in Winners.

The Courtenay goat has been known to escape from his yard occasionally and go on a wander, last week casually visiting several big-box stores, where witnesses said he was well-behaved and quite friendly as he walked the aisles.

He was checking out the purses in Winners when security showed him the door.

But it was jaywalking that eventually got Billy busted, which was unusual because he’s been known to use crosswalks on his wanders.

“[He] was delivered back by the RCMP,” said owner Eduardo Uranga. “The officer told me that she just opened the door and Billy jumped in without hesitation. He loves being inside cars.”

Uranga, a green economist, has created a Facebook page for Billy with about 1,200 followers. He takes Billy with him on outings and he is part of a “community experiment in sustainability.”

Uranga said goats are the most environmentally friendly farm animals and make great pets. “A goat’s carbon footprint is smaller than a chicken,” he said. “They don’t require much water and a goat eats what is available on the landscape. The poop is already composted when it comes out and can be used immediately as fertilizer.”

And Billy is, well, just a super guy, said his owner.

“He is always friendly, ­gracious and well-behaved,” Uranga said in a Facebook post. “He is a goat, not a person, but he has a pleasant personality and likes everyone.”

He accompanies Uranga on some outings, including a visit to the Salvation Army store over the weekend, where he waited outside.

Uranga noted Billy had a girlfriend, but she died a couple of years ago — which might explain the escapes.

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