BC has no plans for vaccine passports, despite moves elsewhere

No vaccine passport plans

While her office has no plans to make proof of COVID vaccination mandatory for certain activities, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry does see the validity of it.

During a news briefing Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Henry said B.C. has no plans to require people to be immunized to go to restaurants or gyms, similar to New York, Italy or France.

"We do recommend people take precautions, particularly if you are not immunized. Those settings are more dangerous," said Henry.

"But, we're not at this point going to be requiring people.

"There are some businesses and some groups that are making requirements I think are totally valid for their own situations, where they require only people who are immunized to attend."

Despite a rise in the number of cases, Henry says there are no plans to change the way the school year will look.

Henry says her office is working with the provincial committee to determine what is needed to be on place to make the school year as normal as possible for children.

"We know how challenging the past school year was, particularly how important it was for school families and school communities to have children in school learning." said Henry.

"We are committed to that this year. We want to make sure that as many of those that are eligible to be immunized, particularly teachers and school staff and older students are immunized.

"But, we also know the school settings is not a high risk environment for transmission."

Henry also suggested a high level of vaccine will protect people against all strains and variants of the coronavirus.

She says only a very small percentage of people hospitalized with COVID-19 were vaccinated.

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