BCWS responding to six new fires by Harrison Lake after 70 lightning strikes hit

70 lightning strikes, 6 fires

BC Wildfire Service Crews are responding to six lightning caused fires on Saturday, resulting from a band of lightning that moved through the Fraser Zone.

Lightning travelled across Harrison Lake in a northeast direction on the northern half of the lake. The northeast of Harrison Lake saw upwards of 70 lightning strikes.

"An aerial lightning patrol continues to find fires sparked by this event and it is expected that additional fires will become visible with daytime heating," BCWS shared in an update on Saturday afternoon.

A total of six fires have been started due to the lightning in the area so far. A summary of these new starts is as follows:

  • North End Long Island (V12262) – This fire is currently estimated to be 0.6 hectares in size. Airtankers were on scene and have been followed up by one helicopter and an initial attack crew.
  • Big Silver Creek (V12263) – This fire is currently 2.5 hectares in size. One helicopter and an initial attack crew are responding.
  • Hornet Creek (V12266) – This fire was spotted by lightning patrol and is estimated at 0.1 hectares.
  • Hornet Creek #2 (V12267) – This is spot fire adjacent to V12266.
  • Nahatlatch River (V12268) – One helicopter and an initial attack crew are responding.
  • North Fork of Scuzzy Creek (V12269) – This fire is currently 12 hectares and is in steep, inaccessible terrain.

While lightning patrols are an efficient tool for spotting lightning caused fires, the Coastal Fire Centre is asking anyone in the vicinity who spots a column of smoke to please report it to 1-800-663-5555 or. by calling *5555 on your cell phone.

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