Agassiz-area attack was 'predatory in nature and unprovoked'

Cougar was hunting woman

Conservation officers have determined a woman who was injured by a cougar near Agassiz on Tuesday was being hunted by the big cat.

The BC Conservation Officer Service says the attack happened in the Harrison Mils area west of Agassiz.

The adult woman was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after she was attacked at her remote property.

“The investigation has determined the attack was predatory in nature and unprovoked,” a post on the COS Facebook page states.

A thorough search of the area was conducted by COs, and two cougars were located.

With the aid of a canine unit, specialists located and killed the two cougars within 60 feet of the attack site. The two cats were identified as healthy sub-adult males.

“We understand people are passionate about wildlife, but the priority of the COS is to ensure public safety, which must come first. Relocation/translocation was not an option for these two animals, as the risk to the public is simply far too great.”

The Predator Attack Team specialists are confident they have identified and killed the cougar that attacked the woman, who remains in hospital in stable condition.

“Cougars are elusive animals and attacks on people are extremely rare. Physical contact between humans and wildlife is very rare and predatory attacks are even rarer yet,” they said.

Conservation officers encourage people to educate themselves on what wildlife is in their area and what precautions you need to take if you encounter wildlife.

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