Alberta man drives across BC in unregistered Camaro, does donuts in park

Albertan rips up BC park

An Alberta man is facing fines and has had his Chevrolet Camaro impounded after being caught red-handed doing donuts in a downtown Victoria Park.

VicPD traffic officers impounded the vehicle after it was spotted doing donuts in the middle of the afternoon Wednesday, April 28th, in Irving Park, located in downtown Victoria.

VicPD issued nearly $800 in violation tickets. Upon further investigation officers learned that the driver had driven the unregistered, uninsured vehicle from Alberta to Victoria with the intent of camping in a park. At the time of the incident, the vehicle was approximately 30 metres from a playground occupied with children.

VicPD Traffic officers impounded the vehicle for seven days for stunting and served the driver with $794 in violation tickets for no insurance and driving without consideration.

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