Firefighters urge homeowners to protect homes from wildfire

Protect homes from wildfire

Fire prevention experts are calling on all British Columbians as forest fire season approaches.

“I have seen first-hand the effects of wildfire and know that the homes and communities left standing are the ones that were prepared,” says Tom DeSorcy, fire chief with the District of Hope.

"There are simple and effective steps that homeowners and communities can take to increase the probability that their homes will survive a wildfire event," he added.

The BC FireSmart Committee recommends simple steps to drastically reduce a property's risk, such as cleaning roofs and gutters, mowing your lawn regularly, and moving combustible materials 10-30 metres away from your home.

“We are drawing on the experience and expertise of B.C. Wildfire crews, fire chiefs from across BC, and individuals who have been on the front lines of significant wildfires around the world. All in an attempt to motivate property owners in at-risk areas across the province to take action,” says Kelsey Winter, chair of the BC FireSmart committee.

“It is our hope that a message incorporating the global wildfire threat with the local focus will resonate with British Columbians, raising awareness of the FireSmart program and encouraging our communities to take steps towards wildfire resiliency,” she added.

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