The Animal Food Bank is helping a cat with a golf-ball sized tumour get the aid it needs

Cat with tumour needs help

A Kelowna family's cat is in pain from a golf-ball sized tumour on his spine, and the Animal Food Bank is raising money to help him get surgery.

"We suddenly noticed a small lump on him," says Cori Inman, Boo the cat's owner, "..and then it grew enormously.."

The vet says Boo needs surgery, but it's something that Inman can't afford right now.

Her business was significantly affected by COVID-19.

"I have no problem once things have turned around and my business has started to grow, hopefully [when] COVID settles down," Inman explains.

She decided to call the Animal Food Bank, it's an organization in British Columbia aimed at keeping pets with their families. The company runs on donations but it recently came up with two ways for the community to donate: through the AFB pet club which gets you deals at local businesses or by purchasing subscription boxes that provides your pets with exciting products.

Animal Food Bank founder, Nicole Welks, says the idea came after discovering that the amount of effort she would have to put into grants and charities won't consistently guarantee monthly revenue.

"This provides us with the opportunity to operate a lot more like a business, but we turn all of our profit back into programs that service the community," Welks tells Castanet.

Currently, the Animal Food Bank is trying to raise $700 to help pay for Boo's surgery.

"We would be forever grateful," says Inman. "We really want to make him feel better and not in so much pain."

Learn more about the Animal Food Bank's new donation programs here.

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