Research and development on magic mushrooms starting in new Princeton facility

Local magic 'shrooms study

BC is seeing more testing for psychedelics, as one company has recently gotten approval to start growing and testing magic mushrooms in Princeton.

Optimi Health Corp. announced on March 2 that they would be working with Numinus Wellness Inc. to conduct psychedelic lab research and development.

“Recognized as an early leader in developing and supporting the safe, evidence-based, accessible use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies (PAP), Numinus is aiding Optimi’s mission to further the research and development of Canadian-grown psilocybin-producing mushrooms and related product formulations,” their press release reads.

A new dual facility with a combined space of 20,000 sq. ft. for operations in Princeton will focus on integrated cultivation, advanced agronomy, genomic research, processing, manufacturing, and laboratory services.

Following receiving a research exemption from Health Canada, Optimi will be using the services of Numinus and its laboratories with the goal of developing products for the emerging psychedelic industry.

“While we finalize our facility construction, build-out, and dealers licensing approval, Numinus offered an ideal partnership to further our research and development of Psilocybe mushroom and associated derivatives-based products,” JJ Wilson, chairman of the board for Optimi said in the press release.

“Numinus’ operational state-of-the art laboratory, specialized equipment and significant expertise in psychedelic research will be critical to rapidly advancing the development of safe, effective, and all-natural formulations within the strategic criteria and timelines necessary to create what we envision as future sector leading made-in-Canada, pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin mushroom products.”

In a previous news release, Optimi stated that they recently completed a successful $20.7 million initial public offering and that strategic activities for 2021 are expected to move ahead rapidly.

“The convergence of recent events here at Optimi are the result of the concerted efforts by a growing team of experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals,” said Mike Stier, CEO, Optimi Health.

“Our core executive leadership collectively share the vision, mission and goals that have coalesced into an executable strategic plan for sustainable growth. We have the advice, support and governance of highly experienced and talented business leaders on our advisory team, and an increasing number of stakeholders and partners who share our commitment to value generation based on sound principles and the desire to become leaders in this exciting segment of the health services sector.”

Previous studies from UBC have suggested that the controlled use of psilocybin has had some success in treating PTSD and addiction. Scientific evidence in support of using psilocybin to treat anxiety and depression has come forward and most recently, a preclinical trial is underway exploring the use of magic mushrooms to treat obesity.

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