Fund ensures BC's music industry can keep rocking

Lifeline thrown to musicians

British Columbia musicians are getting help from the province during what has been a very difficult time due to pandemic restrictions.

More than 100 B.C. musicians will be getting support to advance their careers, thanks to the government's music fund, Amplify BC.

"Music has provided us comfort during this pandemic and the people behind the industry need our support now to come back strong in the future," said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. "We're proud to help B.C. artists grow their careers so they can keep sharing their talent and inspiring people both here and around the world."

Through Amplify BC, 113 emerging and established musicians have received $1.27 million to support their career development. Musicians can use these grants to record, make music videos or market their music.

Amplify BC is administered by Creative BC and these grants are part of the B.C. government's $7.5-million investment in Amplify BC this year to sustain the sector.

"It's definitely hard to be an artist right now, when we can't perform or tour. This grant is really great because it's helping us produce and release our next project, so that we can keep building our audience and hopefully have an even bigger tour when it's safe again. Support like this is truly a difference maker and through all the uncertainty, it's going to really help us grow our careers," Teon Gibbs, rapper and producer.

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