BC compensation fund opens for those impacted by incorrect exam results

Exam error fund started

The Ministry of Education in British Columbia has announced a program to compensate students who can demonstrate that they suffered losses or expenses that arose from the June 2019 provincial Grade 12 exam tabulation errors.

The ministry has worked to establish a fair and transparent process for receiving, reviewing and determining compensation claims. An independent third party will provide adjudication services for the compensation fund. Applicants will be notified of claim decisions and the reasons for claim validity or denial. There will also be a detailed process for appeal.

Apology letters are being sent to all students whose exam marks were impacted.

Following the errors, the ministry made immediate changes to policies and procedures to ensure a more rigorous process is used for processing provincial assessments, which are no longer tied to grades.

The compensation fund, which launched Monday, March, 1, is accepting applications online for students who can demonstrate losses. Claim submissions and adjudication will take place from March 1 to May 24. Compensation will be issued for validated claims by August 2021.

The BC Ombudsperson released a report in August, detailing how the Ministry of Education dealt with the incorrect tabulation and reporting of Grade 12 provincial exam marks for the June 2019 session.

According to the province, students could have a claim if one of the following applies, and led to a financial loss:

  • In June 2019 you wrote a Grade 12 provincial examf for English 12, Communications 12 or Français langue première 12 or
  • You had a transcript order in the StudentTranscripts Service and were directly impacted by the events of July 2019 (see Transcript Order Type) and
  • You suffered a financial loss or a reasonable expense from the exam tabulation error

There are three scenarios in which student transcripts containing errors related to the June 2019 exam session may have been received by Post Secondary Institutions and other organizations before the errors were corrected. These are:

  • Prior to July 12th, 2019, you placed an order to one of the five B.C. universities set up to receive ongoing transcript updates for a selected period
  • Prior to July 12th, 2019, you placed an order to send your ‘interim and final marks when available’ to a B.C., Alberta or Ontario post-secondary institution that receives electronic files with interim marks in May and final marks in July
  • Between 12:00am (PST) Saturday, July 27th and 9:00pm (PST) Tuesday, July 30th you were able to place a ‘send now’ type order to a post-secondary institution or other third party that had an incorrect grade due to the exam tabulation error on the transcript

There was also a two-day delay for students who had, prior to July 12th 2019, placed an order to send ‘final marks when available’ to a post-secondary institution that receives final transcripts by regular mail (paper) only.

If your transcript order type did not fit one of the above scenarios, including the two-day delay, which we will verify, then decisions or actions will not have been based on the error.

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