Crews respond to fuel spill on Burrard Inlet

Fuel spill on Burrard Inlet

Crews are responding to a bunker oil spill on Burrard Inlet.

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation deployed anti-pollution vessel Texeda Sentinel with a crew of four around 10:30 a.m. Monday to a ship anchorage between Cates Park/ Whey-ah-Wichen and Belcarra Regional Park where Henry Maersk, a Danish oil tanker, was refuelling.

“There was some sort of fuel burp during that operation during that operation and some fuel went onto the deck and about three litres of that got into the water,” said Michael Lowry, manager of communications for the response agency. “We got there and we put a second containment boom around the vessels and right now they're just cleaning the hull.”

As spills go, three litres is small Lowry said, and is unlikely to result in lasting environmental damage. The 2015 MV Marathassa bunker oil spill dumped 2,700 litres into Englsih Bay and Burrard Inlet.

Transport Canada’s pollution spotting plane has done flyovers of the site. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s tender Takaya is also on the scene, as are two tugs.

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